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Karissa (Χάρηςα αλάτι επί)
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My name is Karissa, I am currently majoring in graphic design.
Derived from Greek χαρις (charis) meaning "grace, kindness". It came into use as an English given name in the 17th century.
Χάρηςα αλάτι επί - Charisa on salt. basically my name

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My OC Syan

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 9:58 AM
WARNING: This Background story is ugly and contains mature content. 

I decided to give a little back story to my original character Syan in Skyrim. Syan is a high elf, and she was born in 4E 174 during the Great war. Her Parents were both powerful mages and were fighting in the war when they met and fell in love. It wasn't long after that syan's mother discovered she was pregnant. They arranged to have Syan's mother smuggled back to The Summerset Isle, but her father was killed before they could do so. So Syan's mother set out by herself to try and return home only to be hunted down by the Thalmor for being a deserter. When they found her she was already 8 months pregnant, and they imprisoned her until she gave birth to Syan. After Syan was born, her mother was executed, and Syan was sold to a servant family and branded as being a slave for her mother's desertion. Syan grew up being abused and beaten by Thalmor officials all through her childhood while she served as a servant/slave for them. In her teens she was sold to a trader who transported her to Cyrodil Where she was forced into prostitution. Because Syan was a high elf, she was considered exotic and rare and thus only available to those who had enough coin to pay. This means high ranking people, and even expert thieves, etc. One of her frequent Clients was an expert thief, and even gave Syan her name. He named her after the color, because it is her favorite, but changed the spelling to start with an "S". Syan, however does not have a last name, only the first. This thief showed her some tricks, about picking locks, sneaking, and even how to pickpocket. He eventually saved enough coin to buy her out of the prostitution ring, and began mentoring her. Syan also has a unique talent for acrobatics, which she learned from another prostitute. The acrobatic skills combined with the thieving skills made her quite formidable. Syan stayed with this expert thief until a client of his set him up, where he was killed.  Syan was heartbroken, but she knew she must move on.  She is now 24 at this point. For the next 3 years, she thieved and screwed her way to Skyrim, Where the story beings in 4E 201. This makes her 27 years old. Where she discovers Ulfric Sotrmcloak and the Civil war to Free Skyrim from the Empire and the clutches of the Thalmor. This is why after Helgen, she decides to join to Ulfric and the Stormcloaks to fight for Skyrim, where she feels at home, and for any chance she can get to give hell to the Thalmor.

Her personality: She is usually cold, stern, and suspicious of anyone she does not know well. When she is with people she trusts and knows, she is rather whimsical and spontaneous. When angered she turns back to rigid stone and her words have an icy sting to them.

Preferred weapons include the Bow and sneak attack with daggers.

Preferred magic spells are bound swords, lighting bolt, and fire bolt.  

Her favorite Companion is Farkas, least favorite is Skjor.

Her favorite follower is Marcurio

Her favorite housecarl is Argis the bulwark. Least favorite is Lydia, she may be strong, loyal, and pretty, but she isn't the brightest. 

Other people Syan likes are Ulfric, Brynjolf, Delvin, Vex, Ralof, Cicero, Vilkas, Serana, Aela, Nazir, and a few others. 

as a side note, Because of Syan's past, she will only lay with people she likes, but never intends to fall in love. Her lovers include Ulfric, Vilkas, Farkas, Marcurio, Occasionally Cicero, occasionally Brynjolf who is more just a business partner. 

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